Day – 17 wait for flight

Up at 5:00. Not sure why.

Some random thoughts.

  1. Paid $15 to charge my battery. Lasted 2 days due to cold.
  2. Something always needs to be charged. Phone, mp3 player, watch, and or battery.
  3. Packed correct clothing for I did not get cold on the mountain nor in the teahouses.
  4. The higher up the mountain the more goods cost. Duh.
  5. Sad to say I’m getting use to non Western toilet. A skill I was not hoping to aquire.
  6. Good food; bad food; you eat for calories.
  7. Always share a smile and kind word with others. Friends are found anywhere & anytime.

At times when heading up toward the passes I would come to a complete stop. Hunched over my poles hopeful to find enough oxygen to feed my muscles. My internal energy reserves below zero. Unsure I’d be able to lift my foot again.

I now know what the phase, “dig deep” means. If I want to see my wife again – MOVE!

I have spent my life as a nomad. Move for work, a better life, and for whatever reason. I now define home as where my wife is. She is my home. I need to nothing else. Home.

Trekking community

Trekkers are a group of people I can identify with. We come from all over the world for lots of different reasons. It a minimum we all enjoy walking, shouldering our burden, and seeing the sights. From sunrise at a pass, fog covered forest, seeing lakes that look like clouds, and whatever comes our way. We are a happy group of travelers.

We favor function over fashion. Yet, our fashion is great. We look like folks going someplace.

We walk with a smile on our face, curiosity in our hearts and minds, and a peacefulness in our soul.

I enjoy the sunshine dancing on face, the wind playing with my hair, and the sound of boot hitting the path. I feel connected to the world around me.

My thoughts are free of day to day needs. I’m at peace in my soul. Time to think about whatever I wish. I spend most of my time enjoying the past. I do make room for thoughts of the future, too.

In the distance I hear the call of a yak bell.

Day 16 – Luka

Overcast day. Breakfast at 7:00. Then walk.

The walk was for the most was very relaxing. Some downhill and some uphill. After lunch it started raining. Plus, it was all uphill. Pants & boots soaked. No chance they’ll dry here. It’s damp everywhere.

Found it hard to fall asleep. Not sure why.

Day 15

It’s raining. Started around 3 am. I’m glad to see weather again.

Okay, now it’s snowing.

Had a great walk down the mountain. The day went from snow to rain to fog. Great weather for a nice long walk.

Over night in Namche Bazaar. Went to an Irish pub. Met tow gals from Poland who climbed up Island Peak. Very impressive. Played pool, had a few drinks, and basically celebrated our achievement.

Met a gal from Germany who has been working in the States for sometime. Dog walker in NYC, other work in Denver. How is taking time off to see the world. Very impressive.

Day 14 – last pass

Today we have the gain 2,000 feet of elevation. The first 500 ft were easy to gain in that we walked along a hillside looking down into a lake that was ice covered. Almost looked like we were looking down on clouds. Then it got challenging. The next 1500 ft felt straight up as we serpentined through the mountain.

Made the pass. Big celebration! Enjoy the view, took a picture and then started downhill.

Downhill turned out to be just unbelievable in that we just walked for what felt like miles and miles never seen any sign of a tea house.

Arrived at the tea house about 2:00 in the afternoon. Had lunch. Headed off to my room. And took a much needed rest. Dinner was at 7. I’m now back in the room getting ready to curl up under the sleeping bag and blanket. Breakfast will be at 7:00 tomorrow. If all goes well we will be at Namsha bizarre mid day.

Day 13

O% = 86. At the lower elevation is easier.

Room temp 40. I’ve seen worst.

Short walk over glacier today. Only 2.5 hours. When I think glacier, I think Cobalt blue eyes and snow a white tops, however, that’s not the case here. It looks like just rock and more rocks.

Water = friend & enemy. Friend, as I have to drink 3 liters per day to prevent altitude headaches. Enemy, as 3 times a night I have to make my to the restroom. No easy answer.