Day 2 – 2:00 AM

In the lobby waiting for shuttle to airport. We have a 4 hour drive before flight to Lukla Tenzing-Hillary Airport.

Guide & other trekkers showing up.

In lobby oxygen = 95%.

Day 1 tour

Slept well. Woke at 3 but drifted back to sleep. Feeling good starting the day.

My trekking crew will a young couple from Ireland & Mark from Anaheim. Each one of my trekking buds is half my age. We’ll see who reaches the top first.

Tour crew.

Saw a few Buddhist temples.

Blog plan

1. Daily however will only post with WiFi

2. Report morning & evening oxygen %.

3. Log altitude am & pm

4. Health report. I’m assuming you’ll hear legs fine & feeling great type of news

5. I hope less introspection. Most folks who read my last blog wanted more info about follow travelers. I’ll try.

Note – fixed WP problem over breakfast. Yahoo!

Local time is GMT+5:45. Weird. I’d change that for sure if I was King.

%SpO2 = 95

Alitude = 4388

At chuangzhou

At the airport waiting for connection flight. First issue – my trekking pole caused a big security issue. Wanted me to check them. Told them no time. Had security walk me to gate.

At gate, no plane. Plus security watching me. Not happy yet.

Remaining hopeful.

Landed wrong airport

Darn. Weather in Guangzhou was very bad. Redirected to Nanning Wuxu. Some 350 miles away.

Current plan – stay on plane. Hope to fly back. So there may be some good news. My connecting flight is not till 3:40 pm. It’s currently 6 am. I might still make it.

Other then that trip has been okay.

Look for an update later today.

Staying optimistic.


Yes, flights are much cheaper here then SAC. That’s the good news. The bad news is it can be trying getting to SFO.

Wife left for work at 9 am. There I was with a midnight flight. Drop wife off, lunch with a friend, and drop wife’s car off.

Now at SFO with 6 hours to spare. Can’t even check in for another 2 plus hours.

My total fly time is a bit over 20 hours. I think that’s my record. I did 19 hours to New Delhi a few years back.

My pack should look the same for it’s the Camino pack. 36L Startos from Osprey.

Three Pass Pre-Trip Update

Hello all – Dave here and I’m three days to the trek begins. I was unable to get the new site up and running before heading out the door. Darn – it was going to be great. I’ll work on it once I’m back.

Training: Starting in January I went to the gym 3 times a week. 30 minutes on the stair stepper, upper body work, and lots of time in the sauna thinking. Not sure how thinking will help but I’m hopeful it will. Maybe just the memories of how hot it can get will help.

Gear: Most of the Camino Frances gear will be on this trek however there were a few new items needed. Do checkout my gear page Mostly new gear for the cold.

Travel: I’ll be flying via South China Airlines I found the flight via If you have not used them do give them a try. Easy to use and lots of options for looking for low cost travel.

Outfitters: Nepal Hiking Team – they have the best reviews on Trip Advisor . I exchanged a few emails with them and booked it. I’ll be trekking with two couples (ages 35 – 50). Hope I don’t slow them down.