Day 12

Just received a note from Steve & Marie. Reminded me of missed people and events. I’ll write about that soon.

Today early start and short walk out of Burgos. Big city not part of this trip.

The surrounding have changed. More open farm land and rolling hills.

Walked around 32k today. It was in error. I’m tired but in a nice place. Dinner of paia tonight at 7:00. Then sleep / rest.

These things at the end of my legs once called feet are now just a source of pain. Not sure if the shoes are wrong or it’s the distance or the road or what? It does not matter they hurt. That is till I sleep that is. 🥾

A pilgrim’s life

The other day a friend asked if I was bored with the long walks. A pilgrims life is any but boring.

It’s a life of routine within routine.

Mornings are up at 6:00, pack you bag and then looking for stuff you forget. Then out the door. We walk in the dark for some time hoping to find first breakfast.

We enjoy coffee Americano, a croissant, and some juice. Then we walk.

Walking is just that walking. It spend time with my thoughts. Share a story with other pilgrims. It’s time well spent.

Second breakfast is mostly like first breakfast. I like that. Time is not important. It comes when we find it.

Lunch is as we find. Not heavy if at all. By this time we are looking for a place to stay.

Once we locate an albergue, check in, get bed ready, shower, do laundry, and then get ready dinner.

Dinner is family style. You eat the food offered. It’s for the most part good but not very spicy. Dumbed down for the masses. We share stories; mostly why we are walking the Camino. People for the most part are from Europe & American. 60/40.

Then it’s post to blog, call family, or just relax till sleep finds me.

Then we repeat. Easy.

The long quite time walking is time to think. I spent time with family that’s departed. My broken parts. And missing my loving wife’s smile.

It’s the best time for a pilgrim like me.

Day 11

Short walk into Burgos. Mostly urban streets which hurt my feet. However spent the day at cathedral in Burgos. Wow, enjoyed the tour & audio.

Lots of religious art and statues.

Day 10

Side bar:

Thanks to Natalia, Barbara, Dana, Ione, Svetlana, Steve, and Bill for encouragement and sound advise. I am not reading comments. If you wish to communicate with me do so via Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or IM (text).

Nice easy day. Started a bit late but made good progress. One small church worth seeing.

Spent most of the time walking through the woods.

Best picture of the day.

Day 9

Not sure what day it is really. It’s being to fell like ground hog day. There is some sameness to each day yet each one is different.

38+ km. Very long day. Knee a bit weak. But ibuprofen helping.

I’m in Belorado. Nice albergue for 6 €.

Highlight of the day the Church at Santo Domingo. Wow, just great.

Spent about 30 minutes walking around.

Found this bike wash in town. Too fun.

Waiting dinner and I’m too tired to think.

Gps problems again

Need to change how I handle the watch. Need approach that allows me to charge the watch while walking. I think I have a plan. We’ll see.