Day 11 – an easy day

O% = 75. Not good. Room temp was 41.The correct spelling for is Síofra

How many mountains must man climb before they call him a man. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.


  1. Every cigarette I ever smoked
  2. Everyday I missed gym class
  3. Not training with an oxgen mask
  4. Not training more
  5. Not doing this sooner

Age analysis:

The walk to EDC I was in the 5% group. For the high pass trek I’m it. No one is older.

Day 10. EBC or bust

O% = 82. Hanging in there.

A hard walk to where we’re going to stay tonight. We’re going to eat lunch and then head up to EBC.

Been there; done that!

The Camino was a tail or a trek of people, churches, and towns.

This track is all about altitude and pace The story of this track is hidden in those details.

Lunch time.

Met this gal at Kathmandu immigration. She was going to be trekking with Dad, his friends, and her brother she had not seen in a year. When we passed we always shared supportive words.

Met this gal at the chuangzhou airport. Everytime we passed she had a big smile & supportive words. So kind. She was from Canada.

Day 9 – kongma la pass

Hardest day of trip. 9 hours of up and down. I fell twice, not damage. New personal trekking record of 18,100 feet.Kennedy speech has been in my head all day “we do this and the other things not because it’s easy but because it’s hard”This is hard. Very hard.Today I tied three pray flags at the top of the pass. Fir my mom who I still miss, my dad who I hardly knew but wish I did, and my sister who I could not figure out how to help. I know they walk together as a family.O% = 67 at the top. Wow that’s a low number.

Day 8

Room temp 39

O% = 85. About time

We walked a short distance today. The vegetation is changing almost every step. This am bushes were maybe 1 to 2 feet high. Now 6 inches at best. Brown in color.

All the trekking up to now have been in preparation for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will go over our first pass. Can’t wait.

Today today was our first day where we lost the large trekking teams that were all heading directly to Everest basecamp. The solitude has been refreshing and rewarding. I get to spend more time with myself. I need to focus on each step.

There are some folks I’ve enjoyed chatting with.

A guy from NJ. Works in environment clean up consulting.

Once we reached the hotel it was only 10 am. So off we walked. It turned to our longest day.

New attitude record 17,600. Won’t last long. Tomorrow we head over 18k

Need a good night’s sleep in order to be ready.

O% after dinner is 80%. To be expected.