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Updates for Nepal Trip:

Okay now this is my second trek.  Its going to be a trying trek.  Miles are not that great however altitude is.  I’m heading over 18,000 feet.  

Altitude (feet)
Altitude (meters)
Effective Oxygen %
Altitude Category

Source of information is https://www.higherpeak.com/altitudechart.html

Am I concerned? You bet.  I’ll be taking Acetazolamide (Diamox). Twice a day.  Hope it helps without getting me sick from the med. 


A note about me however I assume most of you know me.  Just retired and wanted something to define the moment. Walking the Camino is that moment.  A clear break from working 9 to 5 to walking 500+ miles in  Spain.

If all goes well I’ll walk the 500+ miles while blogging everyday about not only the statistics but feelings, experiences, new friends met, and the wonderful food and drink I enjoy.

Weather? Should be good walking weather. Day time should be in 70-ies while night time could be in the low 50s.  Rain? Who knows but if it rains I’ll pretend to be a duck.