Day 14 – last pass

Today we have the gain 2,000 feet of elevation. The first 500 ft were easy to gain in that we walked along a hillside looking down into a lake that was ice covered. Almost looked like we were looking down on clouds. Then it got challenging. The next 1500 ft felt straight up as we serpentined through the mountain.

Made the pass. Big celebration! Enjoy the view, took a picture and then started downhill.

Downhill turned out to be just unbelievable in that we just walked for what felt like miles and miles never seen any sign of a tea house.

Arrived at the tea house about 2:00 in the afternoon. Had lunch. Headed off to my room. And took a much needed rest. Dinner was at 7. I’m now back in the room getting ready to curl up under the sleeping bag and blanket. Breakfast will be at 7:00 tomorrow. If all goes well we will be at Namsha bizarre mid day.

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