Packing List

Updates for Nepal

Not sure how to make this readable.  Don’t want to delete old stuff yet don’t want to rewrite the whole thing.

Updates (only)

Boots = Wind River III B-Dry waterproof by Oboz.  Yip, same company, I like going with what works.  Note, these are high top boots.  With the extra length I get to double knot over the ankle. Keeps my foot from slipping up and down.

Long john underwear – Its going to be cold.

Added an oxygen meter.  Lets see how that works

Buff & wool hat – First time for these items. Hope they help with the cold.

Bladder & water bottle – new for this trip

Water treatment pills – yup; required

Leaving behind:

Sleeping bag – they provide one for COLD

Pack Osprey Stratos 36 – blue – M/L
  I liked the built-in rain cover. It can support in side hydration however I will not be using that.  I like the disposable bottle approach. Just refill it as needed for that approach is very light weight. A plus is easy access to where my rain gear will be stored.
Rain Gear REI – jacket & paints
  Cost and weight were driving factors.  Another way to think about this, I hope, is this is just insurance.  Rain? I hope not but most likely will see some.
Sleeping bag Nemo Forte 35 Reg
  Why a sleeping bag?  At night the temperature could go into the low 50c.  A bit cool for just a sheet or sleeping bag liner.
Shoes Oboz – Tamarack Low B-Dry Waterproof
  Love them. Good for folks with no heal.  Goof for my English feet.  One minor problem. There is a bump under the ball of right foot. I’ll try a new insert.
  My afterhours wear.  Low weight and devoid of all style.  Plus, I can shower in them. Double duty.
Clothing Paints – REI zip off leg
  2 pairs kaki color
  Underwear –Ex Officio eucc-1
  Super light weight and ear care.  Wash and dry quickly
  T-Shirts – 1 long sleeve; 2 short sleeves
  Icebreaker merino wool & Smart wool.  The long sleeve for sun and cold. The other should do the trick for the rest of the time.  Merino wool is light weight and easy to clean.
  Socks – 3 pair smart wool
  Love my warm feet. I have lots of miles on them.
Hat Tilley – The airflo
  It’s the best all around hat.  Light weight and will provide good sun protection.  Not sure how to pack when not using.  I’m sure that’s a good answer however it’s not obvious yet.
Sleep Bag liner Cocoon Mummy Liner
  100% silk and should help with the bedbugs.  Not sure it’s the right item but will try.
Personal needs
  Moleskin – for foot care if needed.
  Safety pins – Can be used as cloth pins after washing.
  Ibuprofen – arches and pains cure.
  Big nail clipper – foot care is a must.
  Disposable razor – I hate anything beyond a two-day beard.
  Floss – because if one does not have it; you’ll need it.
  Soap – Apple Valley – Shampoo & body bar.  Might be able to shave with it. I’ll test before leaving
  Tooth Paste – Colgate travel size
  Ear Buds – I understand some these are required for sleep filled nights
  Comb – Need to look great all the time 😉
Walking sticks Leki Makalu
  Big debate about the need for these.  I have only used them on rocky downhill walks.  However, every picture, video and discussion with others who have completed the trip all talk about needing them. Note, the pack has a great spot for them therefore easy to carry when not being used.
Document carrier Pacsafe
  Had this for years. For money, Passport, Credencial del Peregrino, ATM card, credit card, and ???
Electronics Pixel Phone – Project FI
  This phone works just like at home with I travel. Cell & Data are the same
  Garmin Vivoactive
  GPS and lots of tracking info.
  SanDisk MP3 player
  Going to try listening to sleep music instead of the ear plugs. Here’s hoping!