In St Jean

Loved the train ride. Meet two ladies who offered to share a taxis. Taxis ride was nice in that I was the way back to Pamplona. Hard to believe I’ll be back there in 3 days.Waiting for the albergue to open at 16:00A few pictures for your enjoyment:

Leaving Barcelona

First day of real rain. Cats & dogs. Only short walk to train station. But lots of rain. Waiting for the gate to open. Pack back to normal. It’s a 3 hour ride to Pamplona. I’ll have lunch and then head over to bus station. All good. Looking forward to the walk.

picture will not load. Later I hope.


Norwegian air was nice 787 is always a nice ride. Airport needs updating but so many do.

Cab to downtown 33‚ā¨. Wow, that a bit much. I think there is a train but did not look for that ahead of time

Found ATM, withdraw ‚ā¨400. Should last the week plus.

Train ticket for tomorrow is golden in that it’s a ticket not a promise of a ticket. Saint train station a few minutes walk from hotel.

So far all good. Eating lunch / dinner. Not going to last long tonight. No sleep on the flight. Such is life.

View from restaurant.

Email posting is now working


Just tested posting via email and its work. Plus I tested with pictures and that working too. I’m ready to start blogging.

I leave Sunday at 4:00 pm from OAK. A non stop to Barcelona. Ten plus hours. Not bad really. Once there head to the hotel. Complete some last minute shopping. See a sight or two. Nice dinner, sleep, and then head over to the train station in the morning.

This has been in the planning stage for months now. Looking forward to starting this adventure.

Today’s update


I’ve been working on getting posts updated via email.¬† ¬†Installed postie and all appears to be working however no updates yet.¬† I’ll continue trying to get this up and running however do have a fallback plan.¬† I have just installed WP on my phone. Not the best way to provide updates with I assume that will work.


First Post

Folks,¬† I’ll be heading to Barcelona on Sunday Sept 16th. I arrive on Monday the 17th.¬† Overnight in Barcelona then head over to Pamplona via a 3 hour train ride.¬† Once there I bus over to St Jean De Port in France. Once there I be heading over to the Pilgrims information office.¬† They have all the latest information. Trail condition (is there snow on the pass). Plus¬†albergue updates.

So first thing in the morning I start my pilgrimage.

I will try to update daily. Assume I’ll update mid afternoon.¬† Plus I’ll be posting Garmin data. Steps, map, and time information.

Here’s hoping all works well.